Baking & Cooking Ingredients

Baking & Cooking Ingredients
Baking & Cooking Ingredients
Organic Whole Grains, including Wheat, Rye, 7-Grain, Quinoa, Rye, Kamut, Oats, multi-grain cereal, & more.

Our whole grains are available in 50lbs bags (some may be available in 25lbs bags). Other bulk items such as organic seeds, nuts, dried fruits and rice may also be available (in large bulk bags only).

Whole grains and other bulk dry goods are available via special request only. While we usually have wheat, multi-grain cereal and oats in stock, other items will need to be shipped in when ordered. When not in stock, these items may take a few weeks to get shipped in. Local Hard Red Wheat and Pastry White Wheat, as well as local Quinoa, should be available within the same week as ordered.

*Bulk Grains and Dry Goods are available in our store and for local delivery only. At this time, we do not ship bulk food items. Smaller bags (1lbs - 5lbs) may be available for website orders from time to time when we have supplies of them.
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